Dear Dance & Company Dancers & Families,

We hope that you are all remaining safe and healthy as we navigate through week two of self-isolation.  On behalf of Lisa, myself and our entire staff, we wanted to send an update and include a message to let you know how much your support and encouragement has meant to us during this very difficult time. As a team, we are managing to get through this together and we look forward to seeing all of you back in class when the state laws and public health status permits.

Please check your email to continue reading our announcement, sent on March 25

D&Co Quarantine Activities & Videos

Hi Dancers and Families! We are so excited to share with you all of the videos we have been working on.

Below you will find all of the different styles/categories of classes. From there, you will find many different videos of each style/instructor. You can search for your instructor name or class name/dance name (for Production).

You don’t just have access to your own classes. ALL students have access to ALL videos. This is one of the benefits of doing pre-recorded content. We thought it would be great for our students to have an inside look into different instructor’s styles, classes, levels and choreography. Even if you don’t participate in a certain style, maybe you’ve been wanting to try – and we totally encourage it.

Some videos are strictly Production choreography (with no warmup or class attached) but most videos have at least a some sort of warm-up and exercises included. For example: If you take Ballet II/III on Wednesday with Miss Nicole at SV, the video is just her choreography. We ask that you find a different ballet class to follow along with for barre and other exercises.

*Tip: You can slow down the playback speed of the videos on youtube by clicking the “settings” knob on the video screen. It’s a great way to get a clear understanding of the exercises and choreography and to follow along at home.

Toddler & Combo Classes

Ballet, Levels I-IV, “Giselle”

Tap, Levels I-IV

Jazz, Levels I-IV

Contemporary, Levels I-IV

Hip Hop, Levels I-IV

Musical Theatre, Levels I-III

Adult Dance & Fitness


#KeepDancing CLI Studios Free Master Classes – Dance & Company pays for a studio owner’s membership to CLI Studios. They are doing an amazing thing for the entire dance community and offering free online master classes every single day. These are geared more towards our intermediate and advanced dancers, but anyone is welcome to try.

Fun Activities & Social Media Challenges

Follow us on social media to participate in our Daily Challenges. We are having so much fun with them already and we thank all those who have participated! The goal is to bring a smile to your face each day during this difficult time.

@danceandcompany on Instagram and Facebook

Here is a list of resources and fun activities for all of our dancers, both young and older to keep busy at home and to keep us thinking about our dance classes and goals.

Ballet crossword

Ballet word search

Color and Write

Copy the Tutu

Dance in the Rain

dance maze

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goals worksheet

Grand Jete

Happy Easter ballerina

I love dancing

Musical Theatre

Pointe Shoes

Tap word search

Why walk when dance