Hi Production Dancers & Families, 

We realize we are sending a great deal of information with these last few days leading up to the show, but it’s very important to us to have complete transparency and ensure everyone knows what to expect as it relates to your children, their safety and to our updated mask/covid procedures. 

PLEASE read through our FAQ. It will answer your questions. We also discuss how masks will work at Production. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

In summary– 

  • Masks are required by all patrons ages 2+, parents/guardians — anyone coming and going from any rehearsal or at the theatre AT ALL TIMES. No exceptions.
  • All dancers have the option to remove their masks right before they enter the stage to perform, ONLY ON PRODUCTION DAY.
  • All dancers, parents and staff will keep their masks on during ALL OTHER REHEARSALS NEXT WEEK.
  • We ask that dancers wear a BLACK MASK TO ALL REHEARSALS next week. We will not be supplying masks.
  • On Production Day, dancers will wear them at all times other than while they are performing on stage.
    • In other words, if your dancer is not allowed to remove their mask,you must state that in an email (reply to this) by Monday, July 26th. We ask that you also reiterate this to our check-in staff on Production Day.
  • If your dancer has your permission to remove their mask while on stage,we do not need to hear from you.
    • On that same token, if he or she decides not to remove their mask backstage prior to performing, they will not be required to do so. We will not be forcing any student to remove their mask prior to entering the stage.
  • If your dancer will be performing with a mask on, it MUST be a plain black mask that fits their face securely.
  • We highly recommend a RED lip STAIN for lip color so that it doesn’t rub off on your mask or get all over your face. You can find these at any drug store or beauty supply (CVS, WalGreens, Ulta, etc).


We want to triple check that we have all allergy information noted on our backstage documents as well as your online portal. If your dancer has an allergy that we need to be aware of, please REPLY TO THIS EMAIL RIGHT AWAY so we can make note of it. We ask that ALL PRODUCTION PARENTS also update your online portals to ensure your cell phone numbers, emails and children’s medical info (if applicable) is up to date. 

Snacks Backstage — It’s very important that you pack your dancer with plenty of snacks and water (water ONLY). We will be strictly enforcing the “no sharing snacks” policy because of COVID and allergies. That said, children are sneaky and love to share with their friends. Please have this discussion with your children prior to the big day so that they are aware of the rules. 

Check-In/Out at Tech Rehearsal at the Theatre on Wednesday, July 28th: 

  • From the parking lot, walk across the footbridge and turn right where you see our sign “Artist Entrance”. 
  • Check in with our staff. If you have multiple costumes, you will be directed where to store your stuff. 
  • Line up with your class. Our teachers/volunteers will direct you when it’s time to find the theatre. 
  • ONE PARENT MAY ACCOMPANY THEIR DANCER INTO THIS REHEARSAL and watch from the audience. Masks are required at all times.
  • You may take photos (no flash) and video during this rehearsal. Please do not talk in the theatre. 
  • Absolutely nobody is allowed in the theatre main lobby during this rehearsal. 
  • Only water is to be consumed at tech rehearsal (parents and students). If your dancer is there for a long time, he/she can consume snacks in the “actor’s patio” near the Artist Entrance. 
  • We will not be using the dressing rooms at Tech Rehearsal. Only the Rehearsal Studio (you will be directed where to go).

Check-In/Out on Production Day –

Critical information: EVERYONE MUST READ – CLICK HERE

Please refer to these emails that we’ve sent to reference rehearsal schedules and details, or head to our website https://danceandcompany.com/production-page/ – One place to find all the info! Password: dcoprod2021